Planet Networks has an open peering policy. We will peer via private link at any of our POPs or on any public exchange point. We are currently connected to NYIIX, DE-CIX NY, DE-CIX Frankfurt, and Any2 California. We are colocated in many facilities. Please check for the latest physical location information.

Our BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) ASN (Autonomous System Number) is 3580.

For those who are not network engineers, This means we were the 3,580th network on the Internet. Here are a few other ASNs for historical and comparison purposes - just for fun. ASNs are assigned in chronological order. BBN which created the first router and built the original Internet backbone was ASN 1. They were purchased several times and ASN 1 is now used by Level 3.

Level 3 (formerly BBN): 1
University of Delaware: 2
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 3
University of Southern California: 4
Rice University: 8
Carnegie Mellon University: 9
Harvard: 11
Apple: 714
Planet Networks: 3580
Dell: 3612
Amazon: 7224
Yahoo: 7233
Microsoft: 12076
Google: 15169
Facebook: 32934