Planet Networks was founded as Garden Networks in 1994 in Newton, New Jersey to provide Internet access and services to a small and under-served rural community from the garage of an old firehouse with only 3 modems. Over the ensuing years, Garden grew and changed. Due to our proximity to New York City, we were an early entrant into the NYC Internet access market.

We quickly found the name Garden Networks was a limiting factor in marketing due to the connection to the state of New Jersey (The Garden State) and the assumption by many customers that we only served New Jersey. We changed the company name to Tellurian Networks and continued our growth. We loved the name Tellurian since it had a double meaning 1. of or related to the earth and 2. human beings, but people always had a hard time spelling it. As part of this growth, we acquired over 14 smaller competitors including: RT Online, CSI Online, Shore Networks, Ingress, LSI, NJ Internet, and more. For one of our many acquisitions, we purchased our original inspiration for becoming an ISP back in 1994, Planet Access Networks. Since we loved the domain name Planet.Net and they were also the inspiration for the change to the more global name Tellurian, we changed our company name to Planet Networks. It is easier to spell and pronounce and Planet Networks brought us back to our roots and kept the message of a global scope for our network and services. Along the way, we sold off our medical software hosting business to Dell Perot Systems in 2008, but we continued to offer Internet, IT services, and software hosting.

Over the past 22 years, our company and the scope of our services has grown to serve a global market, but we still live by the same fundamental principles of honesty and integrity in all we do, excellence in all aspects of our services while working smarter to provide tremendous value to our clients.



Founded with a 256k fractional T1 line and three 28.8k modems


First in the world Internet service with Windows based DNS, Email, Web, and RADIUS all driven by a SQL database and TAS management application; Added additional POPs in Cliffside Park, NJ, Caldwell, NJ, Morristown, NJ, and New Brunswick, NJ; Deployed shared application hosting solutions for development teams, hosted Rutgers University's first Internet class, Pfizer project for web based Tikosyn prescribing and dispensing certification


Deployed DSL services in multiple COs, added over 100 dialup POPs throughout the northeast; Deployed corporate intranet for Warner-Lambert; deployed early dedicated firewalls for clients to ensure Internet security


Began offering high speed dedicated services throughout NY, NJ, and PA; Added 200+ additional dialup POPs


Deployed wireless Internet access in multiple towns; Added nationwide DSL with Covad, NorthPoint, Sprint, and Verizon; Added 300+ additional dialup POPs. Aquired several other ISPs. Special ISP services for Ernst & Young and Price Waterhouse IT A&P auditing divisions


Opened purpose built datacenter with a focus on business application hosting and security in Newton, NJ; Aquired several other ISPs; new version of TAS which runs the entire business including provisioning, monitoring, ticketing, and billing


Focused on hosting medical applications; Aquired several other ISPs; build new network and additional POPs


Built nationwide backbone; grew manged server business; Hosted remote desktop offering rapidly growing


Developed additional proprietary tools for monitoring and hosting automation; Doubled in size... again


Purchased additional regional ISPs; Number of POPs exceeds 2000 throughout the United States


Built Los Angeles, California datacenter; upgraded nationwide backbone to GigE speeds


Built multiple redundant fiber routes to link Newton, NJ datacenter with New York City and Philadelphia networks


Upgraded IP backbone to be multi-vendor with Foundry (now Brocade) and Cisco gear; SAS 70 Type II Audit completed


Became largest medical hosting company in United States through partnerships with all leading software companies; Filled Los Angeles datacenter to capacity. Began development of Lenexa, Kansas datacenter; Added a new corporate HQ with the purchase of the historic Sussex County Hall Of Records and subsequent total restoration


Sold medical hosting business line to Dell/Perot Systems; Increased application development practice


Began expansion to additional geographic locations and focused on fiber backbone construction


Developed aviation services practice; Moved certain infrastructure elements to Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure for scalability


Built mobile application services practice; Added new industry specific solution portfolios


Grew manufacturing and industrial services practice; moved internal operations to Office 365


Developed educational services practice; began client Office 365 deployments


Built additional network operations center to meet client demand


Built new redundant fiber backbone capable of Terrabit speeds per wave; Corporate event staging, production, and live streaming services added to product portfolio; added managed and hosted VoIP telephony and collaboration service offerings


Deployed gigabit wireless technology to clients; Began testing IP backbone upgrades to 100G; Renewed focus on client side managed wireless, LAN, and Internet solutions to ensure fast and reliable access to hosted applications. Implemented new management system for complete remote monitoring and management of client WLAN/LAN/WAN plus datacenters to desktops. Cloud management console for single pane of glass for all clients. Large scale roll-out of new hosted VoIP Enterprise platforms and carrier services.


Deployed GPON for high speed fiber optic Internet access. Built multiple new DWDM fiber rings throughout our markets served.


Built new cloud/virtualization platform for internal, customer, and partner cloud workloads. Our new platform provides instant backup, recovery, replication, and DR testing capabilities. Built out multiple new developments and multi-tenant complexes with fiber to the unit. Added features to our hosted VoIP platform.


Moved our corporate HQ back into the historic Sussex County Hall of Records building which had been occupied by Dell/NTT after our sale of the medical hosting business to them in 2008. Became a certified wireless carrier in the state of CA. Became a CLEC in NJ. Aquired several other ISPs and services providers throughout the US.