Gigabit Internet Access

 Planet Networks brings 10 Gigabit connections (that's 10,000,000,000 bits per second) to your local area then connects office buildings and/or homes to our network via our special high speed wireless equipment with Gigabit wireless. We can also install commercial quality wireless equipment into your home or business to increase coverage and speed to enable you to take full advantage of your faster Internet connection. We have been providing Internet access since 1994 and wireless Internet access since 1999. Planet Networks has spent the last 20 years building our own fiber network to deliver only one thing - the highest Internet speeds possible. We don't offer phone or TV services. Don't settle for the broken promises of the phone and cable companies with their terrible customer service, inferior technology, and slow connections delivered over their aging and unreliable infrastructure which was built fifty years ago to carry slow speed voice and one-way TV traffic. We feed your local business park or neighborhood with a link which is typically faster than the links which our competitors have to the Internet for all of their customers to share. We offer a simple guarantee. If your Planet Networks connection isn't faster and more reliable than your current connection, you can cancel your service without penalty.




Services vary based on speeds and location. Services can be turned up very quickly - often within days.