Software as a Service

Business leaders care about being able to run critical business applications and access their data and report on it. The details of the hardware, software, configuration, licensing, etc. don't matter and are distractions from running the business and adding value for their customers and shareholders. Have Planet handle your line of business applications and Office 365 management and support so your technical staff can focus on delivering on new projects and initiatives which drive business value instead of dealing with routine management tasks. 

Planet was one of the original software as a service providers back in 1995 with a few Sun SPARC pizza boxes running SunOS offering a shared CVS repository for programming teams on a per programmer per month basis. We evolved to add virtual desktops, hosted communications systems for schools, and in 1999, we became of the first companies to offer hosted medical records and practice management systems for doctors and hospitals. That business was sold to Dell in 2008, but we have continued to provide hosting services for industry verticals in the financial, banking, healthcare, and technology sectors.