Restaurants and bars are in an incredibly competitive market. Your guests expect excellent service in every aspect of their interaction with you. For better or worse, people are tied to their mobile devices today. Sometimes, your guests may be having a business lunch where the participants are reviewing a document or proposal together or joining a video conference call. Other times, they may be texting each other to coordinate meeting up at your establishment or they may be letting their friends know what a great time they are having at your place of business by posting photos of their gathering on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook. Regardless of the occasion, your customers expect not only a working Internet connection, but a very fast and reliable Internet connection.

Often, due to architectural design and materials combined with location within the building (typically on the first floor), there is little or no cell signal inside restaurants and bars. That leaves responsibility for providing the connection guests expect on the owner of the establishment. Creating a great environment for guests, consistently and profitably making food and drinks which people want while continuously innovating is a hard task and it requires tremendous talent and lots of hard work. You already have enough to do so let Planet Networks take care of your Internet, network, and WiFi needs. 

Planet Networks is the only service provider to have complete control over the entire guest experience by providing a direct high speed fiber Internet connection connected to our nationwide high speed Internet backbone, on-premise wiring installation, state-of-the-art cloud-managed wireless equipment, and your own branded guest Wi-Fi portal. Planet Networks’ software intelligence can collect deep customer intelligence for you and simultaneously promote your brand  to guests’ friends and families with Facebook and other social media check-ins and page likes to enable guest Internet access.

More than 50% of restaurants and bars plan to upgrade their Wi-Fi networks within the next 24 months. If you are thinking of upgrading, contact Planet Networks today to discuss how we can provide your property with a world-class Wi-Fi solution which is automatically kept up to date over time, continuously managed, monitored, and supported by our 24x7 network operations team, and supported with immediate on-site equipment replacement when (rarely) needed - all for an affordable monthly price.