1998 - Archived MOTD

12/31/1998 — Happy New Year! We have upgraded the modem code for all of our locations. Please let us know if you experience any problems. Thanks!

12/26/1998 — Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Solstice, New Year, etc... We have added 19 new numbers to NJ. The exchanges and coverage areas for these numbers will stay the same, but the actual number will change sometime in the next 60 days. For example: 201-377-7827 may become 201-377-8000. We will post notification on this page before the changes are activated.

12/23/1998 — We have upgraded the modem code at all of our locations. If you experience any new problems or improvements, please let us know. Thanks!

12/18/1998 — The beta2 version of our new dialer is ready for testing. Download and test it today! This is a great tool for laptop computer users since it includes all of our access numbers. We are hoping to release a final version in early 1999. There are minor changes in this release and we have updated a graphics, removed the MOTD auto-launch, and added all of our new access numbers as of today.

12/17/1998 — We have added 34 new numbers today. Most of them in southeastern PA. The area codes for several cities in northern CA have changed to 559.

12/12/1998 — The beta version of our new dialer is ready for testing. Download and test it today! This is a great tool for laptop computer users since it includes all 278 of our access numbers. We are hoping to release a final version in early 1999.

12/11/1998 — Rumour has it that 3Com has quietly released new firmware for the USR/Sportster modems - 5.0.0 for at least some models. We caution anyone who is getting good 56k performance with a 3Com/USR modem not to upgrade yet - wait to see if problems crop up. But, if you are brave, or have nothing to lose because you can not get a decent 56k connection now, you may want to give the USR Upgrade Wizard a chance to run up your phone bill a tad to see if 5.0.0 is there for you. This newsflash came from the 56k=v.Unreliable website.

12/11/1998 — We had a problem with our first Lucent Portmaster in Newton. This resulted in dead-air when modems answered. Thanks to Charlie for the phone call which alerted us of the problem. It was fixed within 5 minutes.

12/11/1998 — We have added 70 new numbers in northern California and 4 in southern California. We also added a number for Fairfax and Vienna, Virgina. We are also pleased to offer a GREATLY improved news.garden.net The old server will still be available as news2.garden.net.

12/4/1998 — Worldcom has confirmed the cut of over 300 DS3s and 12 OC12s between Lake Mary and Orlando, Florida. Some sites may not be available as a result. Many carriers regular long distance phone service is also affected.

11/24/1998 — We had a problem with our authentication server in Newton tonight. We determined why failover to the hot standby server did not work and the problem has been fixed permanently. Our Newton office will be CLOSED for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Our Pine Brook Office (973)808-5558 will be open Friday and Saturday from 10:00AM until 5:00PM.

11/21/1998 — As part of our continuing effort to improve and expand our services, we have two announcements: 1. We have added Vancouver, WA and the surrounding cities to our list of local access numbers. 2. We now have three news servers for our customers to choose from. Please try news2.garden.net and news3.garden.net especially if you are currently experiencing lost or missing binary news articles. Based on customer feedback we may keep all three news services or we may standardize on one. Please let us know what you think.

11/21/1998 — We have also added a fourth news server news4.garden.net - This one looks really good. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

11/13/1998 — Cliffside Park was fixed this morning. Thanks to Bell Atlantic for their quick response. 

Now on to the backhoe operators... There is a MAJOR fiber cut in Utah. The place and numbers keep changing.

11/12/1998 — Network Solutions (InterNIC) has been having MAJOR problems with the main dns server used to distribute information about .com names. This has resulted in sporatic problems across the entire Internet. We are keeping an eye on our servers and we will be periodically restarting dns when we discover corrupt information.

11/12/1998 — Cliffside Park is down. We are working with Bell Atlantic to determine exactly where the problem is. We will post an update when we have more information.

11/8/1998 — UU.Net is having SERIOUS routing problems. Most of the Internet is affected, but we seem to be mostly unaffected - now anyway. UU.Net has not provided an estimated time until resolution.

11/3/1998 — We will be performing some capacity upgrades in our Pensacola, FL and Chattanooga, TN POPs over the next few days. The upgrades will happen from 11PM to 4AM EST.

11/1/1998 — Garden Networks now offers nationwide dialup access with over 200 local access numbers. From now on, all users must use username@garden.net when logging in to any of our access locations. Remember that you can still receive one month of free service for each friend or relative you refer! We are aggressively expanding our coverage area, if you have an area where you would like to see coverage, let us know. Coverage is currently offered in AZCAFLGAILINMAMDMINJNYORPATNTX, and WA. ALL customers may use any access number at any time.

10/26/1998 — Qwest has been leaking routes to Sprint for the past few days. They seem to get it under control, then it pops up again. Things on the west coast are a little strange right now. Some sites may be unreachable temporarily.

10/25/1998 — We have some great announcements waiting in the wings. November and December will be amazing months for Garden Networks subscribers. Just wait until you see what we have in store for you! We have been performing MANY upgrades all over NJ and NY. We have good news for VT, NH, MA, RI, and ME residents too!

10/24/1998 — We had an Ethernet switch failure in our Newton office early this morning. We had a significant period of downtime as a result. T1 and xDSL, and EtherSpeed!® dedicated access customers were not affected. We are upgrading our monitoring systems to make sure that our personnel can respond more quickly in the future. Thanks to all of you who called us to let us know.

10/24/1998 — To top off the truly horrid day of our friend Murphy running amok at Garden Networks, we found that our idle timer was set to 20 SECONDS instead of 20 minutes. This caused problems for some of you from about 8:00PM to 11:00PM. As long as you were active, you would not have been affected. If you were idle for 20 seconds, you would have been disconnected.

10/19/1998 — Due to complications during a router upgrade in Plainfield, service was interrupted for Plainfield customers for about 45 minutes. We apologize to those affected. Everything should be fine now and we are pleased to announce that we have again upgraded our infrastructure to help serve you better.