2000 - Archived MOTD

12/30/2000 — Happy new year and enjoy the snow! We have a LARGE number of exciting announcements which we will be presenting here over the next few weeks!

12/22/2000 — On Wednesday December 27th at 2:00 AM Global NAPs will be conducting maintenance on the internal part of their SONET ring to the PSTN in order to add additional capacity. This will affect all areas served Via the Global NAPs NY facility. Downtime will be approximately 1 hour in duration. Numbers affected include all 718/516/212/845/631 area codes in New York.

12/21/2000 — 9AM We expect to have the NorthPoint DS3 back in service by 11:30AM. We apologize for any problems caused by this outage.

12/21/2000 — 11:45AM We expect to have the NorthPoint DS3 back in service any minute.

12/21/2000 — 1:15PM The NorthPoint DS3 back in service now. All DSL customers are up.

12/20/2000 — We are currently experiencing a NorthPoint DS3 outage. We currently do not have an estimated time of repair. If you have a DSL circuit from NorthPoint, you will be affected by this outage. We will update this message when we receive more information. Thank you.

12/18/2000 — AOL AIM has a SERIOUS security flaw. Details may be found here: 

12/13/2000 — Our authentication database will be unavailable for 10-15 minutes this morning sometime during our maintenance window from 2:00AM to 4:00AM. This may result in the inability to authenticate to the mail server or a dialup account. A followup message will be posted when the project is complete.

12/13/2000 — The drive upgrade took about 20 minutes. Everything is operational and the new drive chassis will allow us to add additional storage capacity over the coming months.

12/5/2000 — Our Newton, NJ busy signal has been mostly solved temporarily thanks to Coby at Sprint in Newton and Dave at the Sprint switch NOC. We reactivated two old PRI circuits at our old office until Sprint is able to resolve facility issues (no available wire pairs) at our new location. Tonight there were almost no busy signals in Newton! There are still more lines on order which should be installed sometime later this month.

11/29/2000 — 11:00AM We are informed by Global NAPs that the ISDN issue has been resolved. All users in the NYC area should now be able to use 64k data to connect with ISDN without problems.

11/29/2000 — We expect Sprint to install more PRI lines at our Newton, NJ POP during the day tomorrow (11/30/2000.) This should reduce the busy signals we are currently experiencing at the Newton, NJ POP.

11/24/2000 — 11:45AM This morning at approximately 11:00AM we started experiencing a routing problem related to OSPF on our Portmaster 4 in Newton, NJ. This was preventing any traffic from passing to and from Newton dial-up users. The problem has been isolated and corrected. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

11/22/2000 — 12:20PM At approximately 8PM last night the majority of our NYC access numbers were busy due to a phone company related problem. This problem lasted for approximately 2 hours and has since been resolved.

11/21/2000 — 2:20PM Our phone service provider in NYC, Global NAPs, is currently experiencing a trunking problem with incoming calls from Verizon. Some 64k (ISDN) calls are not getting through, however 56k data over voice calls are. This afffects ISDN users dialing our NYC access numbers at 64k speeds per channel. Global NAPs is currently working to track and repair the problem. If you are affected by this problem, you can switch your call type on your ISDN equipment to Data Over Voice Bearer Service (if your ISDN package supports this). Your connection speed per channel will drop from 64k to 56k, but you will be able to make the connection. Another solution is to dial an alternate number not served by our NYC POP. As always, be aware of any toll charges you may incur by dialing a different number. We will not be held responsible for any toll charges from your phone company. Thank you!

11/19/2000 — 7:30PM In preparation for the move into our new datacenter we requested to have our voice lines moved to the new bldg. Saturday morning. Unfortunately, this never happened. The equipment has now been moved, but the lines will not be in service until 8:30AM Monday morning. This means anyone calling any of our office voice numbers will get a message stating all circuits are busy. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

11/18/2000 — 5:00 PM We are currently experiencing a system outage on our Adelphia POP numbers. They have dispatched technicians and are currently working on the problem. This affects anyone dialing into xxx-8355 statewide, and you will most likely receive a busy signal trying to dial that number. We will update this information as soon as we have heard from their technicians.

11/18/2000 — 7:25PM The Adelphia outage is being caused by a power problem at the site, however there seems to be a generator problem at the site as well. Their technicians say a generator tech should be there by 7:45PM and they hope to have service restored within the hour after they arrive while the power company is repairing their problems. We will update this information as soon as we have an update from Adelphia.

11/18/2000 — 7:55PM The service to the Adelphia POP's has now been restored and there should no longer be any busy signals on the xxx-8355 numbers.

11/17/2000 — At approximately 4:00AM our main authentication database server had a catastrophic hardware failure. We have been working on it since 4:00AM to rebuild the system and restore from backup. We do not have any estimate of the time to repair at this time. 9:49AM.

11/17/2000 — Outage update: 1:00PM. All mail is being delivered and the authentication server is back online. The total of the damaged equipment was: one power supply, one motherboard, 512MB RAM, a SCSI RAID card and 2 mirrored boot disks. The system was connected to a Liebert UPS and had shown no signs of trouble. The outage was prolonged by the RAID 5 disk rebuild operation and our thorough testing and verification of the rebuilt array. We wanted to be 100% sure that no data was lost or corrupted. After the physical verification, we ran a database verification before bringing the server back online. Everything is 100% operational now and no data or messages were lost.

11/16/2000 — Tellurian Networks has added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to our website's Trouble Shooting area! This will list many commonly asked questions and provide detailed instructions on how to solve many problems associated with your internet connection to Tellurian Networks.

11/16/2000 — Around approximately 9PM tonight, one of our UUNet T1's in Newton, NJ started bouncing. UUNet has been contacted and we have a trouble ticket opened with them. They will be working with Sprint to determine and repair the problem with the line. Connectivity is unaffected due to our network fault tolerance. UUNet transit may be slightly slower until the line is fully restored.

11/15/2000 — We are currently experiencing a service outage in the Lake Mohawk area in Sparta, NJ. All DSL customers served out of this POP are affected. We have reports that a power transformer has blown up and knocked out power in the area. We will post more information as we receive it. We currently have no ETA for power restoration. UPDATE: Service has been restored to the Lake Mohawk area.

11/11/2000 — On Thursday morning, November 16, from 2 a.m. to 6 a.m. One of our telephone providers in New York (Global NAPs) will be taking service offline in our New York facility. They will be increasing redundancy on the Global NAPs side for incoming trunk connections to both the SS7 Network and the PSTN. They anticipate the downtime to last 2 hours; however, the maintenance window will be 4 hours to accommodate for potential testing and trouble shooting. As always, we appreciate your support of our continuing growth and improvement. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks.

11/7/2000 — Between the hours of 12AM to 3AM on November 8th, we will be moving a large number of our servers to our new datacenter. Downtime for each machine that will be moved will be minimal and last for 20 minutes at the most. We are now nearing the final phase of our move. We would like to thank all of our customers for their patience while we have been improving our network.

11/7/2000 — One of our UUNet T1's at our Newton, NJ datacenter is currently down. We have multiple connections to UUNet, so connectivity to them is not lost, however this results in throughput to UUnet being lower than normal. UUNet is currently working to fix the problem. More information will be posted when available. UPDATE: UUNet tells us that there is a problem in the local central office. They are currently contacting Sprint to fix the problem.

11/7/2000 — Our second UUNet T1 is back in operation. After UUNet did some testing with Sprint, the circuit came back up. UUNet will monitor this T1 for the next 48 hours along with our normal monitoring of it.

11/4/2000 — Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 installer for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 is now available for download from our FTP site. This new release fixes security problems found in Internet Explorer 5.5 plus it adds 128-bit encryption and support for new cookie management.

11/3/2000 — Our Sprint Frame Relay connection being served out of Newton, NJ has been knocked down by Sprint when they were attempting to install a new circuit. They are currently troubleshooting to get our frame circuit back up as quickly as possible.

11/3/2000 — The Sprint frame connection is back up. Sprint was removing bridge taps and disconnected our Frame Relay T1 by accident.

11/2/2000 — For all of the Netscape fans out there, Netscape Communicator 4.76 for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000 is now available for download from our FTP site. The Macintosh PowerPC version is also available here on our FTP site for all of our Macintosh users.

10/25/2000 — We will be relocating additional customer servers to the our new data center starting at 2:30AM. Downtime will be minimal. Only co-located customers will be affected.

10/25/2000 — This evening, we will upgrade our DSLAM code in Lake Mohawk (Sparta, NJ) Downtime should be between 10-15 minutes.

10/19/2000 — At approximately 3:00AM on Friday October 20th, we will be working with Sprint to move over all of our PRI lines (which are used for modem and ISDN dial-up access) to to our new data center in Newton, NJ. There will be an approximate downtime of one hour for all users that are serviced by the Newton, NJ POP which include Newton, Sussex, Franklin, and Montague. We should also be adding two additional PRI lines to our hunt group at that time to fix the recent busy signal problems users have been experiencing.

10/19/2000 — Between approx. 4:15 PM and 5:30 PM today one of the PRI lines to our Newton office was down. This caused some customers to receive an authentication (username/password) error when attempting connection. The problem has been resolved and all customers should be able to connect with no problem.

10/17/2000 — Verizon informs us that the problem with our circuit has been corrected and appears stable. We will continue to closely monitor it's condition to ensure network stability.

10/17/2000 — After some routing corrections were made by Savvis, our 100Mb/s Savvis connection in Jersey City is now up and running!

10/16/2000 — We appear to be having continuing difficulties with our Verizon frame relay circuit again coming out of Newton, NJ going to Jersey City, NJ. Connectivity over this link is sporadic but usually up. We have a trouble ticket opened with Verizon who is again working with Sprint to resolve the connectivity issues as soon as possible.

10/14/2000 — At approximately 12:10PM today we started experiencing a problem with a circuit that provides connectivity between Newton, NJ and Jersey City, NJ. A backup tunnel we have in place started automatically re-routing traffic when this happened. As a result, reduced performance may occur but network connectivity was not lost. A trouble ticket has been opened with Verizon. No ETA to resolution is currently known. More information will be posted as we receive it. UPDATE: Verizon along with Sprint have isolated and corrected the problem as of approximately 7:15PM.

10/13/2000 — We turned up an additional 100Mb/s connection to Savvis tonight, but then turned it off again after experiencing partial connectivity loss through the new link. Most sites were fine, but many other sites were not reachable. Thanks to the customers who informed us of the unreachable sites.

10/10/2000 — The evening busy signal problems in Sussex County, NJ (Newton, Sussex, Franklin, and Montague) should be resolved by 10/27/2000. We have ordered additional lines which should be delivered and installed by this date.

10/10/2000 — During the next two weeks, Tellurian Networks will be moving from our 50 Diller Ave facility to our new building and data center at 172 Spring Street. During our maintenance window of 2:00AM to 3:00AM, certain machines may be unavailable for a brief period of time while we move. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we move into our new facility to serve you better!

10/9/2000 — Tellurian Networks Online Customer Support Center is now available on our website by clicking on "Setup Instructions." We are currently working to improve the usefulness and convenience of our online support resources. We are re-writing our current instructions, adding new instructions for the latest software and operating systems, and adding a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section to better help our customers solve connection and email related problems.

10/5/2000 — We are currently experiencing authentication issues across the country due to a routing/authentication problem with one of our access number providers. The following states have known issues: CA, CT, NJ and TX. We have trouble tickets open on these areas. There is currently no ETA on the fix. UPDATE: The problem has been resolved and all customers should be able to log in normally.

9/28/2000 — Our mail server will be temporarily unavailable tonight for about 1 hour between 12:00AM and 1:00AM into the 29th as we finalize and tweak some settings that were unable to be completed during the previous night's upgrade due to time restrictions. We greatly appreciate everyone's patience in this matter and we know this will greatly improve future reliability and speed of all mail services.

9/27/2000 — Our mail server will be unavailable for approximately one hour tonight from 12:00AM to 1:00AM on the 28th for a software upgrade. This upgrade will provide a mail server speed increase and an improvement in the stability of the web mail interface.

9/25/2000 — We had a problem with OSPF route redistribution in Newton today. This routing issue affected many Newton dialup customers. The problem has been resolved.

9/23/2000 — Banned Books Week - September 23–30, 2000: "Restriction of free thought and free speech is the most dangerous of all subversions. It is the one un-American act that could most easily defeat us." —Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas

9/19/2000 — 2:20AM We have restored service by using Cisco tunneling and several other T1 and T3 lines which are not down due to the fiber cut. Sprint estimates they will restore the fiber service by 8:00AM.

9/18/2000 — Tellurian Networks is currently experiencing a service outage due to a Sprint Network problem. They are actively working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. More information: It seems that there is a software problem with Sprint's SONET ring running throughout Sussex county. They are working with their vendors to resolve this issue. We have completely partitioned our network to restore service to all customers except those around Newton, NJ. We now have conflicting reports that it is a fiber cut. If that is the case, then the SONET ring isn't doing the job it was intended to do.

9/18/2000 — The saga continues... Sprint just took down 2 more rings (56 T1s) while trying to repair the first damaged fiber. Expect random service and calling problems throughout Sprint-land for the next few hours.

9/16/2000 — Due to a hacked ISP's customer server causing a denial of service attack, our link between Jersey City, New York, and Newton was taken down by Verizon's switch (most likely due to a software bug or rate limiting "feature") at approximately 11:55AM this morning. Service has been restored. This caused many Internet sites to be unreachable during the this time period. We have blackholed the affected customers machine.

9/15/2000 — Our phone system was hit by lightning last night. We are working to restore phone service as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

9/15/2000 — Thanks to a lightning quick response (no pun intended) from Dialogic (TIC), our phone system was back up within 6 hours!

9/13/2000 — We are upgrading equipment in the Netcong/Hackettstown area. Customers should experience minimal downtime.

9/12/2000 — This afternoon and evening, we had a problem with Sprint re-routing 23 of our Newton trunks (one PRI line) to equipment which is not owned by Tellurian Networks. The result of this Sprint CO mixup was that users were unable to login despite their ability to connect. Sprint has busied out this one PRI line until the people in the Newton CO are able to fix the problem. We appreciate the people at Sprint NOC for their quick response and the all the customers who called to let us know about the problem. The temporary work around may create some busy signals this evening. We hope to have a permanent fix by tomorrow evening.

9/12/2000 — We have upgraded our modem code in Newton, NJ. The Newton equipment services Newton, Blairstown, Montague, Sussex, and Franklin. The new modem code matches the rest of our equipment deployed throughout our coverage areas. If you experience any problems, please contact us via email support@tellurian.com or phone (973)300-9561. We know that there are connectivity issues with some US Robotics and 3Com modems. Contact us for help with these issues. This modem code upgrade should improve the connection stability for most users. Please send us your feedback, good and/or bad.

8/24/2000 — Much thanks to Coby from Sprint's Newton, NJ CO for his tireless efforts in correcting the problem with our 14th PRI line! This line is now behaving normally and should no longer cause random connectivity problems for users, especially during heavy call volume.

8/23/2000 — Netscape developers must be working a lot lately. Netscape Communicator 4.75 is available on our ftp site.

8/18/2000 — Much of Covad's NJ network is down. Maureen Davis (Bell Atlantic Director of RCMC) called and informed us that they have 900 T3 circuits down out of Rochelle. BA has their vendor and all levels of technical support involved. Their trouble ticket system will be restored within another half an hour. This is affecting 4,000 EU Max . No ETR for Verizon.

8/18/2000 — Authentication was down for all dial up customers between 8 AM - 10:15 AM. Service was restored and is now working properly.

8/16/2000 — Pictures of our booth at the New Jersey State Fair!

8/15/2000 — We have just discovered that one of our PRI lines in our Newton, NJ hunt group is not actually in the hunt group.

7/31/2000 — Netscape Communicator 4.74 for Windows 9x/NT/2000 is released and available for download from our FTP site.

7/30/2000 — Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 is available on our FTP site now.

7/29/2000 — A new BETA version of our dialer is available. This new version includes all current numbers and is made for Windows 95/98/NT/2000. The best feature of this new dialer is that it will automatically update its phone book whenever a new version is available.

7/26/2000 — Much to our dismay, the problem with our 14th Newton PRI line appears to still exist. Sprint is continuing with further tests to isolate and correct the problem.

7/25/2000 — Sprint has informed us that they had a bad card in the CO causing problems with our PRI line. All should be fixed now.

7/24/2000 — We have discovered a problem with one of our PRI lines at our Newton POP. The D channel keeps bouncing causing users on that line to be randomly dropped. This PRI is toward the end of our hunt group which means users will hit this PRI during busier times of the day such as in the evening when a lot of users are calling. We have contacted Sprint and they are actively working to fix the problem. More information will be posted as we receive it.

7/20/2000 — NorthPoint has informed us that service for the Northeastern US is experiencing widespread problems due to a fiber cut. They are working on it now but have no ETA for service restoral. We will post more data as we receive it.

7/20/2000 — We have been informed by Northpoint that the service interruption is over and everything is back to normal.

7/19/2000 — Our primary mail server will temporarily be down today at approximately 4:00PM for some quick emergency maintenance. The downtime should only last about 1 minute. This maintenance is to enhance our web mail service for all users. We thank everyone for their understanding.

7/18/2000 — We will be upgrading our authentication servers tonight starting around midnight. Tellurian customers should not be affected by this change.

7/12/2000 — Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 is finished and out of beta testing. It is available for download from Microsoft's web site at http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/default.htm or from Windows Update at http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com.

7/9/2000 — Our new core router is now operational in Jersey City, NJ. The upgrade took about 10 minutes to complete.

7/8/2000 — The scheduled maintenance upgrade listed below has been postponed until 12:20AM on 7/9/2000. Thank you.

7/7/2000 — Since 8:00AM there has been a problem at one of our telephone providers. This outage is systemwide and is affecting most ISPs with service from Adelphia in NJ. Our affected numbers end with 8355. We will post updates as we get them. In the meantime, customers may dial any New York or New Jersey number NOT ending in -8355, but that action MAY incur toll charges. WE WILL NOT PAY THESE TOLL CHARGES!!! Thank you.

7/7/2000 — The Adelphia/Hyperion problem has been resolved and all access numbers are working normally. Thank you.

7/7/2000 — We plan to have a NorthPoint DSL service interruption of less than 10 minutes tonight as we upgrade our core router to improve performance and allow for near term bandwidth upgrades. Some Bell Atlantic T1 customers and all NorthPoint DSL customers will be affected. NY dialup and Covad DSL customers will see some performance degradation during this time. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we work to expand and improve our network.

6/30/2000 — One of our Sparta, NJ POPs has lost connectivity to us at approximately 5:53PM. This currently affects some Sparta DSL and wireless customers. A technician is currently being dispatched to correct the problem. More information will be posted when it is available.

6/30/2000 — We have discovered that a power outtage in the area of our Sparta POP was causing the service interruption. Everything is back up and working normally now.

6/29/2000 — The maintenance which was scheduled for Thursday, 29 June, 2000 between 4-6am EST has been postponed. It has been rescheduled for Saturday, 8 July, 2000 between 4-6am EST. AT&T has also revised their estimates about service interruptions. Last time we announced the circuit was from MCI Worldcom. In fact, it is an AT&T Local Services OC-12 which is being upgraded to an OC-48. They expect to interrupt service for 1-2 hours. This will affect Covad DSL customers and Poughkeepsie dialup customers. Thank you.

6/26/2000 — Our technical support center experienced a power outage problem that caused an interruption of service. They were back online by early evening.

6/22/2000 — MCI/Worldcom is upgrading their facilities at our New York site from an OC-12 to an OC-48. This will be a hot cut and should not incur more than a moment's downtime. We have scheduled this upgrade for Thursday, 29 June, 2000 between 4 and 6 AM EST. During the maintenance window dialup modem and ISDN customers should expect some intermittent interruptions of service to LATA 133 (Poughkeepsie). Covad DSL Customers should also expect intermittent interruptions.

6/21/2000 — One of our PRI lines at our Parsipany NJ POP wasn't being recognized by our equipment. A power cycle of one of our dial-in servers fixed the problem and all is working correctly now.

6/18/2000 — We will be upgrading one of our database servers tonight from 3:00AM to 4:30AM EST which is slightly after our normal maintenance window.

6/2/2000 — There will be an expected, temporary outage of Technical Support on Monday, June 5, 2000 between the hours of 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM. This outage is due to the relocation of our Technical Support and is expected to go smoothly.

6/2/2000 — Our webmail interface was experiencing some problems today. It appears the actual webmail application managed to crash the web server it was running on. We are currently investigating the cause of this and are making modifications to monitor and improve the reliability of this service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.

6/1/2000 — Technical support (973-300-9561) was out of service for a several hours because Bell South prematurly rerouted a specific phone number. Bell South responded quickly and Technical Support was available again by mid-afternoon.

5/31/2000 — We will be performing routine maintenance on some servers early tomorrow morning (6/1/2000) between 12:00AM and 1:00AM. During this time a few services may be temporarily unavailable while we work to make improvements. Most users should be unaffected by this scheduled maintenance.

5/20/2000 — A routine router software upgrade failed during the copy process at about 11:30AM. We normally load images then reboot the router during our maintenance window from 2:00AM to 3:00AM EST. We will attempt the software load again this evening during our maintenance window. Thank you.

5/20/2000 — Today has not been kind to Tellurian Networks. We had an outage in our Newton location which lasted for approximately 45 minutes due to a defective port on our Cisco Catalyst Switch.

5/18/2000 — Our primary mail server SMTP receiver agent was experiencing difficulties around 2:30PM today. Users were unable to send mail for a brief period of time. The problem was located and service has been fully restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused our users.

5/18/2000 — The ever popular ICQ 2000a Beta v.4.30 build #3141 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 is out and available for download from our FTP site at the following link: ICQ 2000a.

5/15/2000 — We are currently in the process of upgrading our server that handles mail relaying and customer web hosting. Users should experience minimal to no downtime for these services as we migrate to a more robust server. The change is expected to be completed today.

5/12/2000 — One of our co-location customers thought it would be a good idea to run a router denial of service attack script on their server. This script caused major problems for our core switch and router in Newton. We made the incorrect diagnosis that we had a bad supervisor card in our Catalyst since even the console port did not respond. Replacement of the card did not fix the problem, but led us to the fix. The offending machine has been disconnected. We apologize for the outage to all customers affected.

5/4/2000 — Netscape Communicator 4.73 for Windows 95/98/NT/2000 is out and now available for download from our FTP site by clicking on the following link: Netscape Communicator 4.73.

5/1/2000 — Our mail server was not delivering mail this morning. One corrupted file held up the flow of messages. All mail was delivered without any lost messages.

4/25/2000 — Bell Atlantic just informed us that they are in the process of a MAJOR switch upgrade across the board in NJ and NY. This will affect connectivity for 15-20 minutes per circuit for the next few hours as they roll from switch to switch.

4/24/2000 — We were just informed that due to a mistake in call routing, all techinical support calls were routed to a bogus message for the past 24 hours. If you called for support, please call us again.

4/23/2000 — We are performing a more thorough fix for this afternoon's problem. Authentication services will be intermittently unavailable until approximately 7:30AM. Thank you for your understanding while we upgrade and improve our systems.

4/22/2000 — Around noon today, we discovered a problem with our SQL server database which was refusing to authenticate certain users because they were registered as already connected. The fix for this problem left all users unable to login for about 20-30 minutes while the database was rebuilt. We apologize for the inconvenience to all dialup customers affected by this outage.

3/22/2000 — From Covad's website: "Some TeleSpeed Services out of RTFRNJRU (Rutherford, NJ) are experiencing rerouted connections. A technician has been dispatched." Their NOC technician stated: "This is a MAJOR outage for us."

3/22/2000 — Covad's latest update: "The New York/New Jersey region is experiencing an outage. Technicians have been dispatched and are actively working to resolve the issue."

3/21/2000 — Covad is experiencing intermittent network connectivity problems in the New York/New Jersey area. Covad has opened a global trouble ticket covering this issue. There is no estimate for the repair completion time.

3/17/2000 — Happy St. Patrick's Day! It seems that Sprint did NOT fix the lines as earlier reported. As of 2:29PM, we are on the phone with them trying AGAIN to resolve this problem. We have over 175 free lines, yet calling the Newton, NJ number returns a busy signal.

3/17/2000 — Sprint is still working on the hunting problem in Newton. Northern Telecom (Nortel) is now also working on the problem.

3/17/2000 — The Newton, NJ problems are now fixed! It seems that our first 5 PRI lines were provisioned to use a proprietary Nortel PBX signaling protocol instead of the standard q.931 ISDN PRI protocol. This caused confusion between our equipment and Sprint's Nortel phone switch in the Newton CO. Many thanks to all the people at Sprint local and the Sprint NOC who helped fix this problem. A special thanks to Bob Johnson @ Nortel for his Sherlock Holmes-like investigative skills!

3/16/2000 — It seems that Sprint has fixed our Newton lines at last! This SHOULD fix all of the busy signal problems in Newton, NJ. We have also added a new Sparta, NJ number (973)726-9596 which can be used as a backup number for most customers who now call Newton, NJ.

3/14/2000 — Our NYC Dialup POP will be down for about 30-45 minutes while we setup a new Catalyst 5000 for additional private peering connections. We plan to start work at 3:30PM on March 14th.

3/14/2000 — The switch installation took longer than expected so we didn't take everything down until about 5:30PM, but everything is working fine now.

3/13/2000 — We have a temporary fix for our Newton, NJ Line problem and are working on a more permanent solution. If you are experiencing problems you may try calling the follwing numbers which are local to all areas covered by the current number, (973)300-4966. The new numbers are as follows: (973)940-6911 (973)940-6912 (973)940-6913 and (973)940-6914. This solution is only temporary and we should have the hunting problem resolved shortly. If you experiece any problems with the new numbers please contact us.

3/10/2000 — Covad is experiencing problems nationwide as a result of a network upgrade which they performed last night. Some NJ/NY/CT customers are affected by this. Most are operational. We have no ETA on this issue from Covad.

3/10/2000 — There are problems with our new Newton, NJ lines. Sprint is working on the problem. It seems that only some of the installed lines are hunting. We hope to have the problem resolved shortly.

3/3/2000 — OUR NEW NEWTON LINES HAVE BEEN INSTALLED! Thanks to all the people at Sprint's Newton location for making this happen today. One of our upstream providers (Exodus Communications) had some router problems for about 45 minutes which have now been resolved.

2/26/2000 — Many northern NJ users had problems getting to www.yahoo.com. We isolated the problem to invalid routes being advertised by our old northern NJ POP router. This problem has been resolved.

2/25/2000 — Our Monatgue, NJ number stopped taking calls a few days ago according to customer reports. The problem was repaired late last night thanks to our newest Tellurian team member Lisa! If anyone ever suspects trouble with one of our access numbers, please let us know at once. Thanks!

2/22/2000 — Several IMPORTANT updates! First, the network connectivity for our POP which feeds most of northern and central NJ was upgraded today. Users should see a major increase in performance. Second, Sprint has confirmed that we will have 100 new lines in Newton on Tuesday, February 29th. Finally, we will also add a new Sparta number on Tuesday, February 29th.

2/8/2000 — Due to a minor router software upgrade which didn't work as planned, routing stability in our network was adversely affected for about 15 minutes at approximately 11:00PM. We apologize for the inconvenience to those customers affected by this outage.

2/6/2000 — The mail server upgrade is mostly complete. We will be making minor tweaks to the system over the next few days to insure compatibility and a smooth transition. Please read the following items to ensure trouble-free access to your mail.

1. ALL @tellurian.net and @garden.net usernames use the same password as the dialup portion of the account. 
2. ALL @tellurian.net and @garden.net addresses are now interchangeable. Either domain may be used. 
3. ALL other email customers with their own domains MUST change the POP3 login to username@yourdomain.com
4. The new webmail interface will be available shortly. 
5. Please send a message to postmaster@tellurian.net if you require specific assistance. Thanks!

2/6/2000 — We have written more detailed instructions to assist our customers with their own domains.

1/31/2000 — We have finally finished all preparations for the migration to our new and GREATLY improved mail server. The change will happen on Saturday February 6, 2000 at approximately 11:00PM and continue for several hours. Mail will be unavailable during this time. If you have a problem receiving mail from the 7th onward, please click here and we will contact you ASAP! We expect the transition to be relatively painless and no mail will be lost.

1/25/2000 — The big storm today added to a recent surge in call volume has made the busy-signal situation in Newton unacceptable. We are trying to find a way to increase call capacity ASAP. If you are a Sparta customer in the 726 or 729 exchanges, please use our Hopatcong number until further notice. This number is a toll call to EVERYONE in Sussex County with the exception of 973-726-xxxx and 973-729-xxxx. The Hopatcong number FOR SPARTA customers ONLY is 973-288-8355. We have excess capacity at this POP.

1/20/2000 — Technical support now has its own dedicated number: (973)300-9561 Please use this number for dialup (modem & ISDN) technical support.

1/3/2000 — 5:30PM - MAJOR OUTAGE!!! ALL Covad customers in NJ/NY/CT are down. This is not just a Tellurian problem. ALL Covad customers are DOWN. NorthPoint and iTellus(Tellurian) DSL customers are not affected.

1/3/2000 — 8:02PM - Covad has fixed some of their problems and some customers are back up again. They are still working on the problem. We do not have any new information yet.

1/3/2000 — 10:00PM - Covad has fixed ALL of their connections to our customers central offices. We will post an explanation whenever we find out more.

1/1/2000 — We switched back from generator power at 1:00AM. Everything went smoothly and no Y2K issues arose! We hope everybody had a safe and wonderful new year!