1999 - Archived MOTD

12/31/1999 — Tellurian Networks will be operating using generator power from 7:30PM EST until 1:00AM EST on 1/1/2000. If utility power is stable and reliable, we will switch back after 1:00AM. If not, we will run on generator power until further notice. If communications systems are disrupted for any reason, we will bring another server online at one of our other locations to inform customers about the status of our network and the Internet as a whole. Tellurian Networks would like to wish all our customers a safe, prosperous, and COMPLETELY UNEVENTFUL new year!

12/23/1999 — The New Jersey state utility commission completed its investigation into the Rochelle Park, NJ central office failure due to flooding this fall. Bell Atlantic originally reported the cause as a dam breaking and water entering through doors left open by AT&T. AT&T disputed the report filed with the FCC. The state board investigators found no dam had broken and water had entered by a number of entrances, including cable vaults, basement plumbing fixtures, as well as the rear door. Bell Atlantic's report didn't mention the flood water entering through other entrances. The state board couldn't conclude whether any one source was the cause of the shutdown of the power plant at the central office. The board ordered both Bell Atlantic and AT&T to make improvements, investigate the flood risk at other locations, and report back to the board. Bell Atlantic stands by its report, except they now agree no dam broke. The FCC's investigation is continuing. Source: www.bergen.com

12/16/1999 — Tellurian Networks is now hosting a Half-Life:Team Fortess Classic game server for the public. All Tellurian customers should get excellent connections the new server so try it out today! Requires full version of Half-Life to be installed and also the latest patch to v1013. Name: Clan MOSS - Enemy's Den IP: (default port)

12/16/1999 — 7:45PM - A UPS in our Newton facility failed. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Sean and Joe, the UPS was quickly replaced and total downtime was about 25 minutes. We apologize for the interruption.

12/10/1999 — Our dialtone provider in New York is being affected by a MCI WorldCom fiber cut which has disabled their SS7 signaling gateway. This problem affects all New York dialup telephone numbers. Dedicated access customers (DSL, T1, and T3) are not affected. Estimated problem resolution time is unknown.

12/10/1999 — We had a problem in Jersey City, NJ today with our core router. Downtime was about 15 minutes. Dedicated DSL access customers were affected.

12/10/1999 — Tellurian Networks has partnered with NJIT to provide discounted WebMaster 2000 training to Tellurian customers. NJIT offers various levels of training for web authoring (HTML), web development (scripting), and server management. Instructor-led classes are available via the Internet or in Newark, Edison, Piscataway, and Mt. Laurel classrooms. Visit NJIT's website for more information and, when registering, check the box that identifies you as a Tellurian customer on their registration form for your discount.

12/10/1999 — 10:00PM - The SS7 problems in New York have been resolved.

12/7/1999 — We have changed some routing to optimize our traffic between Newton and Jersey City. Both sides should notice a tremendous speed increase! please send any comments to admin@tellurian.net.

12/6/1999 — We downgraded the modem code in Newton due to connection problems. We will not upgrade again until Lucent releases newer code.

12/5/1999 — We have upgraded the modem code in Newton, NJ. We also have additional modem lines on order. We have been experiencing busy signals in Newton as a result of extremely high call volumes due to online holiday shopping.

11/23/1999 — Bell Atlantic has MAJOR problems with the DACS in Rochelle Park and/or Newark. This is basically a smaller version of the outage which occured during Floyd. Estimated Repair Time is around noon. This outage affects normal phone service, 911, 0, 555-1212, long distance, and of course 56/64k, DSL, T1, and T3 lines.

11/22/1999 — Our dialtone provider in New York has a problem with their SS7 signaling gateway. This problem affects all New York telephone numbers. Dedicated access customers (DSL, T1, and T3) are not affected. Estimated problem resolution is within 4-5 hours. We are hoping it will be sooner rather than later.

11/22/1999 — As of 4:30PM, the problems in NY have been resolved.

11/20/1999 — We did not upgrade the mail server since we did not feel 100% comfortable that the procedure would work perfectly. We are doing more testing and we will update this page when we are ready to try again.

11/19/1999 — Our mail server was having some minor problems today around 12:25. We will be upgrading our mail server at 2 am 11/20/1999. Estimated down is 3 - 4 hours.

11/8/1999 — Many northern NJ numbers were busy early this morning due to a telephone company switch problem. We had over 100 lines free, but they were not receiving any calls. Resetting the D channels fixed the problem.

10/28/1999 — WOW! What a difference! We have optimized a number of BGP announcements, upgraded peering and transit connections, added a new switch to Jersey City, and changed some routing preferences. Tellurian Networks again has a network we can be proud of! :) Please send any comments toadmin@tellurian.net

10/28/1999 — In Newton, NJ, we attempted a modem code upgrade which SHOULD have fixed a number of disconnect and negotiation issues found with cheap no-name modems. Unfortunately, the new code also caused our Portmaster to reboot every 4 minutes. :( We downgraded to the old code and everything should be fine now. We apologize for the inconvenience.

10/25/1999 — To fix the problem listed below, we will be taking our Jersey City Router offline on 10/26/99 at 9:00PM for about 5 minutes to add a new network module. This will fix the bandwidth problems seen in Jersey City for the past few weeks.

10/24/1999 — Due to the rapid addition of new servers, we have developed a bandwidth problem in our Jersey City location. We will upgrade our peering and transit connectivity this week and install a new Catalyst 5000 switch for better traffic management and exchange with our peers and co-located servers.

10/21/1999 — Bell Atlantic released the report on the Rochelle Park central office flood which caused so much grief in NJ during hurricane Floyd.

10/14/1999 — Today our mail server had several corrupted files. (No messages were lost.) We made a decision to take the mail server off-line in order to repair the damaged files and prevent ANY loss of data. We are still investigating, but at this point we believe the corrupted files were a direct result of incredibly high mail volume due to a denial of service attack on the server.

10/4/1999 — We are pleased to announce that we are offering up to a $150 rebate on all Covad DSL orders between today and December 31st, 1999!

9/20/1999 — Service has been restored to almost all DSL customers with the exception of those without normal phone service and/or power.

9/19/1999 — The DS3 service to the COs servicing many DSL customers still has not been restored.

9/18/1999 — A few Central Offices have restored service. Many are still working on the problems they experienced due to flooding.

9/17/1999 — The power and telephone companies in NJ have their hands full. The Rochelle Park Central Office is completely flooded and Bell's personnel aren't being allowed into the building yet. The estimated time to repair all circuits going through this CO is 24-72 hours. Our T1 line to our Mountain View POP is down as a result. All of our Core routers are connected and fully functional. It is up to Bell Atlantic to fix the problems with these lines to restore service. All Tellurian Networks DSL customers may call our office to request as many free dialup accounts as needed to continue to conduct business. We apologize for these problems and we will do everything in our power to ensure that our customers are able to function and contuct business. We will post updates as they become available. Connectivity for all dialup, co-location, and dedicated T1/T3 customers is unaffected except where the telephone company central office is in distress. DSL and ISDN customers with service from the following NJ Central of

9/17/1999 — Latest update: September 17, 1999, 4:13 PM PDT - The following Telephone Central Offices are down due to flooding in the New Jersey and New York areas.


Many of the circuits run through fiber which centralizes at one Telephone Central Office that is currently flooded. The Carrier is still pumping out the water. ETA is 1 hour. We will continue to update this Weather Report with new developments.

9/15/1999 — Newton1 (Dial-in equipment) had to be rebooted for a software upgrade.. downtime was 30 seconds.

9/13/1999 — A power supply for one of our routers which connects many of our NJ numbers to the Internet failed tonight (Sunday) just before midnight. The problem was quickly isolated and a technician was dispatched to replace the defective equipment. Total time to repair was about one hour. Only dialup customers in Bell Atlantic territory in NJ were affected by this outage.

9/6/1999 — The Tellurian Networks Customer Care Center is ready to use! We will continue to add enhancements as all of you let us know what you want to see. Enjoy your holiday!

9/3/1999 — Scheduled Maintenance: At 2:00 am on 9/4/1999 we will be performing an upgrade on one of our core routers. Downtime should be about 2 minutes.

8/26/1999 — We are currently having problems with our xxx-xxx-8355 numbers. The phone company is routing 33% of the calls to a piece of equipment which is not able to handle them. We have trouble tickets open and expect resolution shortly.

8/26/1999 — At about 7:15 pm all telephone issues have been resolved. Please let us know if you have any other problems dialing into the xxx-xxx-8355 numbers.

8/25/1999 — One of our uninterruptable power supplies failed at about 11:50 pm on 8/24/1999. By 12:15 am on 8/25/1999 everything was back up and operational. Downtime was about 25 minutes.

8/16/1999 — We have released a new version of our dialer. The new dialer has all 636 numbers as of 8/16/1999.

8/14/1999 — We have added an additional hundred numbers. About 50 of these are in CA. The remainder are located in ALCOFLNCOH, and RI.

8/9/1999 — We had a problem with our authentication servers today which affected all dialup modem and ISDN users. Users already online and dedicated customers were not affected at all. The back-end database was corrupted and had to be repaired. Downtime was about 40 minutes from 5:05PM to about 5:45PM. We are creating a new authentication server which is not reliant on the SQL database for real-time authentication.

7/16/1999 — Tellurian Networks is pleased to announce that for the remainder of July, our Covad DSL setup charge has been reduced to $250 and the router charge has been reduced to $395.

7/7/1999 — At about 1 AM everything is now back up and running. Downtime was approx 8 hours. More info and pictures will be posted this afternoon.

7/7/1999 — We have posted pictures and an explanation of last night's incident. Last night at approximately 5:15PM, an 18 wheeler took down a 200 pair cable which supplies the Tellurian Networks Newton office with all connectivity. Historically, we have planned for complete fault tolerance with multiple uninterruptable power supplies, redundant power supplies in our servers, switches, and routers, a standby generator, multiple Internet connections, excess dialup capacity, backup authentication servers, etc. However, we did not plan for the situation which we experienced last night. We are evaluating our options and planning for this type of contingency for the future. Full service to 99.9% of our Newton customers was restored by 1:00AM. Tellurian Networks Covad and NorthPoint DSL customers and dedicated T1 customers were not affected at all. We sincerely apologize for the major inconvenience that this outage caused for all of our dialup and Newton co-located cu

7/6/1999 — A tractor trailer tore down a 200 pair cable leading to our Newton Office. The incident occured shortly after 5:00PM about 100 feet from our office. The Newton POP is down. Estimated repair time is 7-8 hours.

7/4/1999 — Have a great 4th of July! Have you ever wondered what happened to the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence? 

Five signers were captured by the British as traitors, and tortured before they died. Twelve had their homes ransacked and burned. Two lost their sons serving in the Revolutionary Army, another had two sons captured. Nine of the 56 fought and died from wounds or hardships of the Revolutionary War. 

They signed and they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What kind of men were they? 

Twenty-four were lawyers and jurists. Eleven were merchants. Nine were farmers and large plantation owners; men of means, well educated. But they signed the Declaration of Independence knowing full well that the penalty would be death if they were captured. 

Carter Braxton of Virginia, a wealthy planter and trader, saw his ships swept from the seas by the British Navy. He sold his home and properties to pay his debt

6/30/1999 — For all users in Hackettstown using the Netcong number, we now have a NEW Hackettstown number for you! :) 908-520-7827 Enjoy!

6/26/1999 — We have released a new version of our dialer. We have added about 20 new numbers and updated the logo artwork. Dave Mitchell has recommended a neat site: SETI@home is a scientific experiment that harnesses the power of hundreds of thousands of Internet-connected computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

6/13/1999 — We have added 8 new active DSL capable central offices bringing the total offices to 139. By the end of 1999, we will be able to offer DSL to over 189 central offices throughout NJ, NY, and CT. Check our page to see if you can get DSL too!

6/11/1999 — One of our T3 lines in Jersey City went down this morning at 5:30AM during a simple maintenance change. Our other links routed around the problem, but two dedicated access customers were adversely affected. We are making changes to insure that this loss of connectivity will not affect any users if it ever happens again. We are also in the process of major bandwidth upgrades to all three core locations. We should be turning up a T1 from Digex in New York later this week. We also have additional bandwidth on order from Sprint, Cable & Wireless, and Above.Net for Newton and Jersey City. These connections will improve speed and connectivity throughout the New Jersey and New York region.

6/4/1999 — We have fixed the problem with all XXX-8355 numbers. Cisco has given us a temporary fix and all customer should be ok now. Please let us know if you have any other problems. Thanks!

6/3/1999 — We are experiencing routing problems at our main NJ Bell Atlantic area POP. We are working with Cisco to resolve this issue and we will post an update shortly.

5/29/1999 — We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend! We have two announcements. First, our old Caldwell, NJ number (973)808-7053 will be disconnected mid-June. The old Caldwell, NJ number has been replaced with (973)303-8355. Second, we are testing a new system to protect again mail abuse and junk mail a.k.a. spam. These filters should not affect legitimate messages. Please let the postmaster know if you suspect otherwise.
Messages meeting the following criteria will be rejected. 99.999999% of the time these are clear signs of spam. What about the other .000001% of the time? They will be rejected with a clear informational message so the server administrator can correct the configuration problem that caused the incorrect information to be sent in the first place.

  • Invalid/Forged "Date:" headers
  • Invalid/Forged Message-Id
  • Invalid/Forged MAIL FROM domain
  • Invalid/Forged "From:" email address
  • Invalid/Forged "From:" domain name
  • Invalid/Forged "To:" email address
  • Invalid/Forged "To:" domain name
  • Missing/Forged "To:" or "From:" headers
  • Invalid/Forged hostname for HELO
  • No hostname (reverse DNS lookup on connecting host)
  • Source routed email messages
  • Maximum recipients counted in all headers ("To:", "CC:", "BCC:", etc) exceeds the RFC specifications
  • X-Mailer: contains known spam/bulk email program name
  • Messages sent directly from a non-Tellurian dialup account without an ISP relay host

    5/20/1999 — Last night Bell Atlantic "upgraded" their Broad Street Frame Relay switch in New York City. This is affecting our connectivity to our NY POP. Covad DSL customers and New York dialup users will experience sub-optimal routing today as we route around the problem.

    5/20/1999 — 5:05PM Bell Atlantic has fixed the problem and Core1-NYNY is back online. Routing is stable and performance is back to normal.

    4/16/1999 — Our lines in Newton stopped forwarding calls today. Although we had plenty of lines free, only the first 23 would be used. After talking to Sprint for 30 minutes, everything is back to normal.

    4/9/1999 — We had a routing problem with our new numbers ending with 8355. We apologize for the interruption while we upgraded our equipment. The old Morristown number is no longer active.

    4/7/1999 — We have added 80 new central offices to our DSL database. You should now be able to accurately determine if DSL is available for your area.

    4/6/1999 — We are currently having problems with the new numbers ending in 8355. The phone company is working on the problem and should have things resolved shortly.

    4/6/1999 — The phone company has fixed the problems with our new NJ numbers. Downtime was about 25 minutes.

    4/3/1999 — We have FINALLY added our 70 additional New Jersey numbers. This addition was long overdue. All customers should change their number immediately. The new Tellurian Dialer for Windows 95/98/NT includes all the latest numbers worldwide. Download and install it today. The other New Jersey numbers will be removed from service during the next two weeks. Please call our Technical Support department if you require assistance changing your number.

    4/2/1999 — We have added 15 additional California numbers to our ever expanding list of access numbers.

    3/31/1999 — We have added Montreal, Québec, Canada to our ever expanding list of access numbers.

    3/26/1999 — We have added Denver, CO to our ever expanding list of access numbers. Please come see us at Expo 99 and win a Lucent 56k Modem!

    3/23/1999 — We have added Kansas City to our ever expanding list of access numbers.

    3/18/1999 — Tellurian Networks is pleased to announce that we now offer 24/7 email and phone technical support! Dial our office at (973)300-9211 or send email to support@tellurian.net. If you have any feedback or comments about our support staff, please e-mail admin@tellurian.net.

    3/16/1999 — Thanks to Denise & Coby and all the others behind the scenes at Sprint, we have added additional lines in Newton. We hope to have these operational by this evening. You may have noticed the link we have added to NextCard on our site. We believe they offer one of the best credit card deals available today PLUS they are one of the most "Internet Focused" and innovative finance companies we have ever seen. Even if you are not in the market for a credit card, their site is worth a look if only for ideas to mention to your financial institution. In the interest of full disclosure, we do receive a minimal advertising fee when you setup an account with NextCard - However, I would not have added the link if I was not a customer myself and if I did not believe they were an excellent company! -Robert

    3/16/1999 — For those who are asking... You need Quicktime 3.0 to play the Star Wars movie trailer files listed below.

    3/11/1999 — The new Star Wars trailer is out. A LOT of people are experiencing problems downloading from www.starwars.com because of their exceptionally heavy traffic load. We have mirrored the two major trailer downloads on our ftp site. Quicktime 22Khz Stero 480 x 216 (25MB) or Mono 240 x 128 (11MB)

    3/7/1999 — Our Users` Comments page is BACK! Please feel free to get it started again. It has been far too long since we last had this page in operation.

    3/6/1999 — We have released a new version of our dialer. This is the first release which installs as Tellurian Networks. After installing this new version, you may remove your old Garden Networks dialer via Start, Settings, Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs. Select Garden Networks then click "Add/Remove." We will release another new version with updated NJ numbers later in March.

    3/1/1999 — We had a brief outage of about 15 minutes in our Newton POP today while we upgraded the modem code.

    2/27/1999 — Having problems getting to some sites?? Earthlink seems to be having problems! please visit Internet Weather for more information. *Please Note* This only affects sites that are connected with Earthlink, and has nothing to do with Tellurian Networks.

    2/26/1999 — All of our New York access numbers have changed. The new numbers are available immediately. If you have a static IP address, please call us before changing your number. The old numbers will continue to work for a limited time. Thanks!

    2/23/1999 — Scheduled Outage for 3/10/1999: NorthPoint DSL customers in the Manhattan area will be down for approx. 30 minutes between 12:00 am - 4:00 am while upgrades take place.

    2/23/1999 — Thinking of using a cable modem at home instead of DSL? Think again! Tellurian Networks places no such unreasonable restrictions on our customers. See our Usage Policy and compare.

    2/19/1999 — We have received our new equipment and will be installing it shortly. There will be a 5 - 15 minute downtime in the Newton area. Thank you for your patience.

    2/19/1999 — The scheduled upgrade in Newton has been completed! If you encounter any problems please contact us.

    2/12/1999 — New PRI lines have been installed in Newton and will be turned up shortly. Newton will have a short (approximately 15 minute) outage during the upgrade. This should relieve ALL busy signal problems in Newton.

    2/2/1999 — After a terrible weekend, we finally determinied the NY/northern NJ problem was a bad Ethernet switch in New York. We have removed it and everything is working correctly now.

    2/1/1999 — We will be taking down the PM4 in New York down tonight for about an hour at 11:00PM for maintenance. We think this will solve the MTU problem with Windows 95/NT users.

    1/31/1999 — We have released a new version of our dialer with all numbers current as of 1/31/1999.

    1/29/1999 — We are experiencing technical difficulties with our New York City POP which effects all access numbers in NYC and several numbers in northern New Jersey. You can connect to the system but no information can be transferred once you are connected. A technician is on site and we hope to have the problem corrected by this evening. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. You can still access the system by calling the Caldwell, Morristown, Newton or Plainfield numbers.

    1/29/1999 — We have added 98 new numbers with the addition of our new Massachusetts location. This location also covers most of New Hampshire. The old MA numbers will stop working on February 15th, 1999.

    1/12/1999 — We have added a new access number for Las Vegas, Nevada!

    1/12/1999 — We have added 10 new access numbers for Oregon and 4 new access numbers for Washington!

    1/12/1999 — We are experiencing technical difficulties with our New York City POP which effects all access numbers in NYC and several numbers in northern New Jersey. You can connect to the system but no information can be transferred once you are connected. A technician is on site and we hope to have the problem corrected by this evening. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. You can still access the system by calling the Caldwell, Morristown, Newton or Plainfield numbers.

    1/6/1999 — We have added two new numbers in CA and seven new numbers in TX.

    1/6/1999 — We have a new release of the Garden Networks dialer with updated numbers. This is the final release version unless YOU find any new bugs.

    1/2/1999 — We have added a new access number in Miami, FL. It is available immediately. We have also added a link to our Y2K statement.