Network as a Service

Planet Networks has a solution to the typical endless cycle of expensive LAN and WiFi upgrades followed by years of network management headaches, lack of speed, outages, and troubleshooting only to be followed by obsolesce and another expensive and troublesome upgrade cycle. Now you can pay for your network resources as a monthly service with no upfront costs. Planet provides a fully managed solution including all equipment utilizing the latest technology to reliably deliver the fastest speeds available with management of all moves/adds/changes, 24x7 monitoring, high speed campus WiFi coverage, high speed 10/40/100G backbone links, and continuous software and hardware upgrades as technology evolves. You will always have the latest technology to support your business needs for a budget friendly flat monthly fee. The speeds of the connections we deliver to our customers are typically faster than our competitors' network backbone speeds. Contact us today to see how we can help you.