Planet Networks has been installing fast, dependable, and trouble-free networks for the hospitality industry for 20 years. Planet Networks is the only service provider to have complete control over the entire guest experience by providing a direct high speed fiber Internet connection connected to our nationwide high speed Internet backbone, on-premise wiring installation, state-of-the-art cloud-managed wireless equipment, and your own branded guest WiFi portal. Planet Networks’ software intelligence can collect deep customer intelligence for you and simultaneously promote your brand  to guests’ friends and families with Facebook and other social media check-ins and page likes to enable guest Internet access. Using property management system links, guests can log into wireless and wired networks and post charges to their room using only their last name and room number. Planet integrates with more than 40 of the most popular property management systems in the world, including Galaxy, Opera, and Comtrol. Planet Networks also provides security and compliance-related tools to ensure peace of mind for management as well as guests. We fully support Facebook WiFi for common area access plus integration with Google, Microsoft Active Directory, and Office365 for simultaneous secure administrative and staff use.

According to multiple surveys of the hotel industry, WiFi is the most important amenity for guests and can determine whether a guest will choose your establishment or not. WiFi is no longer an optional amenity. It has become an expected utility – just as important as hot water and electricity. Today’s guests’ WiFi experience is key to their overall hotel experience. They have multiple laptops, smartphones, and tablets and other smart devices. Hotel guests travel around the property with these devices. Ubiquitous high quality connectivity in all locations within and around the property is expected. Technology from even a few years ago is no longer acceptable. Previous generation WiFi networks account for the majority of hospitality user complaints with dropped, weak or inconsistent signals and slow speeds topping the list. Our decades of experience designing and building wireless networks enable us to deliver cutting edge world-class hotel WiFi services that keep our clients far ahead of the competition.

More than 40% of hotel properties plan to upgrade their WiFi networks within the next 24 months. If you are thinking of upgrading, contact Planet Networks today to discuss how we can provide your property or properties with a world-class WiFi solution which is automatically kept up to date over time, continuously managed, monitored, and supported by our 24x7 network operations team, and supported with immediate on-site equipment replacement when rarely needed - all for an affordable monthly price.