A server is probably the most vital component of your IT infrastructure, and as your applications grow in complexity, so do your server requirements. To enable the best performance for your applications and websites, Planet provides dedicated next‐generation servers securely hosted in our SSAE16, SOC 1, HIPAA/HITECH & PCI DSS 3.0 complaint data centers built with the most advanced engineering, security and technology systems to ensure the highest levels of availability.

Physical Servers - Every server is dedicated, meaning its compute resources are devoted solely to your applications. Therefore the performance and security of your IT environment is not affected by the decisions that other users are making, and you can run any application on your server and interact with it as if it was your own. Since it is hosted in our data centers, the normal challenges of hardware and infrastructure monitoring, maintenance, and up-time are our responsibility.

Virtual Servers - Every server is virtual (also referred to as a virtual machine or VM). These servers are built and deployed on the Planet high availability, geographically distributed "cloud" infrastructure. A virtual server offers many of the same capabilities of our physical servers, but in a more flexible manner. Each server is pre-configured with a specific hardware specifications - RAM, disk, and processor, but unlike physical servers, these can be resized and scaled on-demand. We can deploy and maintain an operating system from our library on your behalf or you can directly deploy your own via our IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). For these reasons and many others, virtual servers have become a favorite of developers and enterprises alike and an ideal solution for growing business or those that need to supplement a dedicated environment. We can connect your virtual server(s) to any servers located at your site or to any physical servers located in any of our facilities.