If you aren’t already using Cloud Services for your business, it is only a matter of time before you will. More businesses are moving to “the cloud” every day because of the increased reliability and lower costs. Planet Networks has been providing industry leading pure and hybrid cloud solutions since 1994. Many of our competitors weren’t founded until after we had been providing cloud services for a decade or more.

We also work with all of the big name infrastructure providers including Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. We understand all of these solutions and we realize that a combination of on-site, private cloud, and public cloud infrastructure is right for most companies. We will place your infrastructure components where they should be located because of security and business needs, not because it is the only option we have to offer you. We will work with management and IT to determine the best plan of action then we will help you document, implement, and run your infrastruture for the long term. Unlike consultants or sales teams who will always walk away after the engagement is over, Planet always answers to our clients day after day. We are ultimately completely responsible for the proper performance of the entire solution.